Cancellation & Returns

How does cancellation work?

You can raise a request to return your items with these simple steps:

  1. Log into your OyeUncle account
  2. Go to My Orders

3. Click cancel button in your on-going order.


Once you raise a cancel request, you'll get an email and SMS confirming that your request is being processed. Based on the item, your request may be automatically approved or you may be contacted for more details. If the request is approved, the item will be canceled after which you will get a  refund. 


I ordered the wrong item. Can I return it?

The sellers' return policies don't support the return of item(s) ordered wrongly. You can refer the respective seller's Returns policy on the product page.


Do I have to return the freebie when I return a product?

Yes, the freebie has to be returned along with the product


I've still not received the refund in my bank account?

If you have received an email from us confirming your refund request, it means that the refund has been initiated. You can also contact your bank with the ARN you would have received for an update on the status of your refund.

In the rare event of the amount not being credited by the date promised, you can contact us as we will work with the bank to get it done.

Cancellation & Returns