About Us


We, OyeUncle, started our e-commerce business by a small idea of taking all the local vendors, who do not have access to online business, to a special platform where they can achieve a better and easy sale of their products.


OyeUncle started in November 2018 and increasing our customer and retailers support since then.


We provide our basic services free of cost. The motive behind that is our vision to work up the Indian economy and create a unanimous presence of all local grocery businesses. We are not only aiming for major cities but also, all the cities, towns, villages across India.


OyeUncle connects all the local vendor around you and connects all the vendors to you. So that you do not have to worry about checking each store individually. 


We not only take the retail business online but also wholesalers business online by connecting them with retailers and ease up the process between these two businesses.

About Us